Victoria Young is the main character of Miss 2059. She is mistakenly sent to compete in the Galactic Protectorate instead of her sister, Arden Young. Victoria is a beauty queen and won the pageant, Miss Earth 2059. She is played by Anna Akana.


Not much is known about Victoria's early life yet, but she apparently competed in many beauty pageants, even meeting the requirements for Miss Earth. She won the competition, becoming Miss Earth of 2059. After winning, Victoria went to Mission Control to see off her sister, Arden.

Once inside, Victoria and Arden argued. Victoria chose to watch her sister's send off in the Control Room. As the Matter Transference counted down, it wasn't Arden who vanished, but Victoria. Victoria ended up in the Galactic Protectorate, confused and panicked. She was unable to find a phone, before she was called out to the arena. 


Victoria seems to be kind and desire a closer relationship with her sister, Arden. She has a naivety about the dire situation that Earth faces should Arden fail. However, Victoria is comforting when she thinks that Arden might be nervous. She is a bit of a fashionista, citing that she "knows clothes".


  • Victoria plays the violin.