Training Day is the fourth episode of the first season of Miss 2059.

It aired July 4, 2016.


As reigning Miss Earth, Victoria is more equipped to win a talent competition than defend her planet in a tournament to the death. Enter Arden, her tenacious sister, to prepare her for battle[1].


Main Characters

Other Characters

  • Bobby C. King
  • Vanessa Marshall



Arden explains to Victoria that the rules do not allow for substitution; therefore, Victoria will have to be trained to win the tournament.

When Victoria enters the Training Corridor, Arden stabs her several times with a knife and she falls down dead. The matrix running the corridor revives Victoria who is horrified that she was killed. Arden shoots Victoria in the head and the corridor revives her again.


Arden kills Victoria in the Training Corridor.

Victoria refuses to participate until Arden expresses her belief that her sister can beat the room. They start off with a simulation called The Orb, which is designed to test speed and reaction time. Victoria becomes distracted and gets zapped by the orb, repeatedly.

Eventually, Victoria is able to beat The Orb but Arden is not happy with how slow she accomplished the task. She launches the next test, The Samurai, despite Victoria's protests.

The Samurai repeatedly kills Victoria who begs for a break. As both sisters bicker, the voice Victoria has been hearing tells her to ask Arden how she beat the room. She us unwilling to answer.

Neither sister notices Tri hack the system and turn off the revival matrix nor does the system warn that it has been compromised until it is too late.


Arden loads The Samurai program.

The Samurai stabs Arden, leaving Victoria to defend them both. Their swords clash a few times before the simulation headbutts her. Falling to the ground, Victoria is about to be killed when Arden shoots the Samurai in the head from her position on the floor.

Arden heals completely without the assistance of the Training Corridor's matrix or doctors, revealing that she had undergone procedures for the tournament to make herself stronger and improve her reflex time. The enhancements altered her DNA, and when the Galactic Protectorate tried to beam her to the tournament it locked onto her twin instead.

Arden also reveals that she never beat the room before her enhancements, having lied to Victoria to inspire her to fight.


  • The Samurai's armor is built off Stormtrooper Model TK-8377 armor from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. This is most obvious when viewed from the back.
  • First appearance of the Training Corridor.


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