Training Day

Victoria training against The Orb in the Training Corridor.

The Training Corridor is a technologically advanced room built to train fighters and warriors.

It premiered in Season 1, Episode 4: "Training Day".


The Quantum Super Positioning Matrix that runs the Training Corridor reverts space and time when someone dies. It restores the victim's molecular structure to a point in which they were healthy.

Much like the Duplicator Panel, the Training Corridor is capable of rendering any weapon or object out of thin air. It can also create holographic enemies.

The orb-2

The Orb zaps and kills Victoria in the training room, repeatedly.


The quantum computer seems to be relatively easy to hack, endangering anyone who is in the training room when its systems are compromised.



Arden loads The Samurai program.

The Orb tests speed and reaction time by bouncing a blue light around the room. The objective is to make it from one side to the other without getting hit as quickly as possible.

The Samurai tests basic level combat skills against a armor-clad samurai. The objective is to survive and kill the samurai.



  • The Samurai's armor is built off Stormtrooper Model TK-8377 armor from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. This is most obvious when viewed from the back.


  • None