The Voice is the sixth episode of the first season of Miss 2059.

The episode aired July 18, 2016.


Victoria sets out to discover the source of the mysterious voice which has been guiding her through the tournament[1].


Main Characters




Victoria's gift

Victoria continues to train, and Arden continues to be disappointed in her progress.

After her training is over for the day, Victoria goes back to her room to find a gift from the the voice that has been speaking to her. It says to open the gift at lights out if she is ready to meet.

At night, Victoria opens the box and is disgusted to find another bug. The voice tells her to stick it up her nose, but she refuses. Just then, a strange gas begins to fill the room; Victoria tries to wake Endar but she is soon knocked out again by the gas. Reluctantly, Victoria puts the bug in her nose, which ventilates the gas and keeps her from passing out.


Endar is probed by the Merge.

The voice tells her to hide and she does as a ball of red humming energy enters and probes Endar. When the orb leaves, Victoria finds that Endar is unharmed and fast asleep.

The voice says that Victoria must find him if she wants answers. She sneaks out of her quarters and follows his instructions.

It turns out the voice belongs to Laheer who offers her wine and answers to her questions. He tells Victoria the Merge, a race millions of years old, is the founder of the Galactic Protectorate and host of the tournament. They knock out everyone on the ship nightly to perform tests on the lesser beings. He confirms the probes are not dangerous.


Laheer answers Victoria's questions.

Laheer says the Merge are guardians of the galaxy that use the tournament to choose which alien species are best qualified to help them defeat the Vortix. He wants to answer more questions but a sound stops him. Before she leaves Victoria asks why he is helping her and he says it's because he knows what it's like to be underestimated, assuring her she already has what it takes to win.

The next morning, Arden wakes her sister up for more training and notices the gift box; however, she is unable to snoop through it before Victoria stops her. Before they can get started on the day, Victoria is whisked away for the next round of the tournament.


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