Survivor is the seventh episode of the first season of Miss 2059.

The episode aired July 25, 2016.


Victoria and her nemesis, Tri, trek through the desert on a quest to reach The Beacon. Will they join forces to battle the Vortix or ultimately destroy each other?[1].






The Beacon

This episode picks up directly where "The Voice" ends, with Victoria and Tri trekking through a desert to reach The Beacon. Day after day, the beauty queen struggles to keep up with the hardened warrior, who taunts her for being weak and offers to carry her Beacon Key which helps to activate The Beacon.

They talk about Tri's home planet, and we learn that her species colonized many worlds. Her mother was the queen of one such colony and the natives gave Tri her nickname, which means "innocent". Victoria calls Tri's people stupid, saying they deserve to be wiped out by the Vortix. The warrior responds by assaulting her, but stops when she realizes they can't activate the beacon if Victoria is dead.


Tri strangles Victoria

As they continue, Victoria becomes more and more exhausted until she collapses. Knowing that they cannot beat the trial if Victoria dies, Tri is forced to care for the beauty queen, giving her sustenance from local wildlife and singing her songs while she rests.

When Victoria recovers enough to walk, they continue on to The Beacon where Tri attacks Victoria in an attempt to eliminate the competition. However, the beauty queen gains the upper hand having discovered that their Beacon Keys double as Energy Blades.


Victoria attacks Tri

While Victoria holds Tri's life in her hands, the warrior asks if she ever stopped to think about why the Vortix where conquering planets. The beauty queen responds that they are invaders / colonists. Tri laughs bitterly at her and calls her stupid; she explains that the Vortix are a virus, not an army, claiming that they destroy planets and assimilate its people.


Victoria and Tri take The Beacon back to the tournament ship

Victoria questions Tri's sincerity until she tell her that her home planet was wiped out by the Vortix and her mother and sister assimilated, along with everyone else on the planet. They both know the smart thing would be for the beauty queen to kill Tri, but she does not and they both take the activated beacon back to the Tournament Ship.


  • This episode has the least amount of characters (2) of all the episodes to date.


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