Episode Title Date Synopsis


Sup, Ladies 9 Nov 2017 Victoria and her enemy-turned-most-trusted-ally, Tri, must carry-out their latest mission in the middle of a sex slave auction.
2 I Ship It 9 Nov 2017 General Peyton Parker joins Victoria Young and Tri on their mission to collect orbs for the Merge, who are holding Tiggle and Endar as collateral.
3 What Goes Around Comes Around 16 Nov 2017 Victoria , Tri , and Peyton are captured when they try to steal the next orb from planet Cyclos, whose people worship it. They're freed by a servant named Daphnii, who had a psychic vision that she would join their mission.
4 Eternal Sunshine of the 'Vortixed' Mind 23 Nov 2017
5 A Fist Full of Frosting 30 Nov 2017
6 A Very Small, Insignificant Wrinkle in Time 7 Dec 2017
7 Tentalizing 14 Dec 2017
8 To Die For 21 Dec 2017
9 Dead Inside and Out 28 Dec 2017
10 Confessions from Outer Space 4 Jan 2018
11 Ain't No Party Like a Vortix Party 11 Jan 2018
12 Heavy is the Crown 18 Jan 2018

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