This article is about Miss 2059's Season 1 and Series Premiere Episode "Miss Earth". You may be looking for the short film Miss Earth (2014).

Miss Earth is the premiere episode of season 1 as well as the Miss 2059 series premiere.

It was released on June 21, 2016.


Welcome to the year 2059: The human race is in peril. Arden, a fierce warrior, has been training to defend the planet in a battle royale tournament. Unfortunately, her beauty queen sister, Victoria, is sent to do the job[1].


Main Characters

Other Characters

  • Meghan Camarena
  • Kurt Carley
  • Mitchell Davis
  • Juliet Landau
  • Vanessa Marashall



Mission Control - Earth - 2059

Earth's Hero and Ambassador Select, Arden Young, prepares to be beamed to a battle royale tournament hosted by the Central Galactic Protectorate when her beauty queen twin sister and newly elected Miss Earth, Victoria, interrupts to see her off. The hero is confused and angry at her sister's presence having specifically told mission control to cut her from entrance list.


Victoria arrives at mission control to cheer on Arden

Victoria tells her sister it's okay to be nervous recounting her experiences on the pageant circuit. This angers Arden, who tells her sister the competition she entered is not a pageant and, therefore, she has no idea what she's talking about. Victoria sheds a tear realizing her name not being on the list wasn't a mistake and resigns to watch from the control room.

As the countdown initiates, Victoria quietly judges Arden's televised appearance, and is afterwards shocked when she is beamed light years away to compete instead of her sister.

Victoria arrives on the tournament spaceship instead of Arden

Anxious, Victoria tries to enlist help from Shixlpeck from planet Hexlcrex whom she wrongfully assumes is a political ambassador; rather, she is a disinterested fellow competitor who is soon after beheaded by an unseen monster.

Victoria screams in fear and disgust. Asking for a phone, she is forced to take one, an antenna bug, from Shixlpeck's severed head.

The announcer calls Arden Young as the next competitor, mispronouncing her planet as Ee-arth and Ear-th.

When she steps through the bay doors, Victoria ends up in a virtually simulated environment facing off against a Hattorog, the fearsome ogre that just beheaded Shixlpeck.



  • First episode featuring Endar.
  • Mitchell Davis, one of the minor characters in the control room, created behind-the-scenes videos for go90; they are marked as Miss 2059 Season 3[2].
  • After Victoria is beamed to the Galactic Protectorate, some footage is shot for shot from Miss Earth (2014) with a level of interpretation, including the main character's reactions and the alien that yells.


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