The Hatterog was a ogre-type alien and galactic warrior who faced off against competitors in the 2059 Central Galactic Protectorate competition. He was the first challenge ambassadors faced.

He is played by David Mattey.


Not much is known about the Hatterog other than he beheaded Shixlpeck, and presumably others, before having his mind blown by Victoria Young's violin solo.

It is reasonable to assume the Hatterog won his place in the Galactic Protectorate by winning a previous competition, much like Laheer.


The Hatterog was extremely aggressive towards others and had to be chained up before each competition round as not to hunt down competitors before viewing streams went live. He was extremely invulnerable to physical damage but displayed a weakness to sonic vibrations and tones given off by the PA system.

He wore fur and leather-type clothing hinting that his race was a type of hunter society. The primitive or advanced nature of this culture is unknown.


  • It is actually unknown if Victoria's violin solo "blew his mind" or if his head was blown off by the Galactic Protectorate for losing as there is a time delay from the finishing of the music to his head blowing up.