Girls Night Out is the eighth episode of the first season of Miss 2059.

The episode aired August 2, 2016.


Who likes to party? Vic and her allies hit up a club to blow off some steam. But their night out turns dangerous when the Vortix shows up on the dance floor.[1].


Main Characters

Other Characters

  • Alex Barone
  • Bobby C. King
  • Beth Meadows
  • Aina O'Kane
  • Andre Varenhorst
  • Philip Wang




The girls plot to sneak off the Tournament Ship to go clubbing

The episode starts with Victoria, Endar, and Tiggle sneaking through the Tournament Ship to get to the transporter room. Once there it is revealed that the beauty queen overheard some aliens talking about a club on an abandoned spaceship, and they are going to blow off steam by dancing the night away. They are caught by Arden, but Victoria convinces her sister to join them on their escapade, promising that she will smile before the end of the night. Arden gets testy with the bodyguards, but they make it into the club without incident. The girls order drinks and talk about fashion and Victoria's talent for picking up alien languages. Unknown to them, the Vortix arrive and begins to infect people.


Vortix attack the club

Victoria marvels at the amount of women in the Galactic Protectorate Tournament. Tiggle laughs saying all advanced societies are female dominated and that her species would never send a man to fill such an important role. Endar agrees adding that her people might eat garbage but even they aren't barbaric enough to send a man into the competition. Both aliens question the hierarchy of Earth, but Victoria avoids answering by insisting they dance. At first Arden refuses to dance, but eventually gives into Victoria's positivity. As promised, Arden smiles.

Just then, the Vortix begin to attack people on the dance floor, infecting a huge number of people and killing anyone who isn't susceptible. Victoria is almost infected, but is saved by Arden. Back on the Tournament Ship Victoria tells her sister that she was right, promising not to mess up again. Arden tells her she had fun until the Vortix showed up, but at least the beauty queen knows the face of the enemy.


Laheer kisses Victoria

Victoria can't sleep and and ends up meeting with Laheer. She laments that she will never be the same and wants to be normal, but he says being normal is overrated and kisses her revealing his hidden affection for her.


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