Friend Requests is the third episode of the first season of Miss 2059.

The episode aired June 27, 2016.


To survive the tournament, Victoria must make allies. Unfortunately, the tournament spaceship, populated by violent creatures and creepy critters, is no place for a pageant queen[1].


Main Characters

Other Characters

  • Kurt Carley
  • Juliet Landau
  • Beth Meadows
  • Aina O'Kane



The episode starts with Victoria trying to find her room aboard the tournament spaceship. Arden reminds her that she can't quit or the Earth will be invaded and the inhabitants killed off by the Vortix. These planet destroying aliens are only afraid of the Galactic Protectorate, the reason people are competing to join.


Victoria meet Tiggle, her first ally.

Victoria witnesses Tri kill a competitor in the halls of the tournament spaceship and quickly leaves the scene. She laments that it will be impossible for her to make allies if it takes her two hours to find her room.

Her roommate is Endar, a Kravakian whose social hierarchy dictates a pack society with an alpha. Arden claims that if Victoria can show dominance and muscle Endar around the wolf-like alien may become a loyal ally. However, it is Endar that takes control of the room which includes both of their beds. Victoria is forced to sleep on the floor.


Tiggle and Endar become allies.

The next morning, Victoria begins the hunt for a strong, ferocious, and brave person to cover her weak spots, but instead ends up making friends with Tiggle, the weakest alien on the tournament spaceship. Tri comes along with her allies and asks Victoria if she is the "ingenious killer from the nowhere planet" or a child that got lucky, challenging her to kill her new friend.

Rather than kill the alien, Victoria forces the others to free Tiggle, earning Endar's loyalty and gaining Tri as an enemy in the process.

Back at their room, Victoria and Endar give themselves manicures. A strange voice comes over Victoria's antenna bug communicator to tell her sister is arriving soon, but things are not as they seem. Just then, Arden walks in and tells Victoria that she can't replace her in the tournament and that the burden of winning is now squarely on her shoulders.


  • First episode featuring Tiggle and Tri.
  • The design of the character Tiggle (voice of Meghan McCarthy) is loosely based on series creator Anna Akana's cat, Congress.


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