Fan Vote is the fifth episode of the first season of Miss 2059.

The episode aired July 11, 2016.


Victoria has an epiphany: To win the tournament and save Earth, she must treat the competition like a reality show. And may the best planet win[1].


Main Characters

Other Characters

  • Meghan Camarena - Zea
  • Kurt Carley
  • Selah Joy - Young Arden
  • Juliet Landau



Victoria is angry with Arden and refuses to train with her, choosing to lock herself in her quarters and play violin instead. The beauty queen is sure she can survive the next round which is decided by Fan Vote even after her sister shows her a live video of an alien named Zea who is unable to please the crowd; they vote to disintegrate her.

Endar enters the quarters freaking out because she is a bad public speaker and is afraid that she will be eliminated if unable to perform under the pressure. Victoria agrees to coach her in the ways of pageantry believing the Fan Vote round is similar.

The pair run practice interviews and Endar only talks about eating, including the fact that her species eats their parents. Tournament officials come in to give the Kravakian her arm cuff which will allow her to be disintegrated if the crowd isn't happy with her responses.

Tri and Endar get into a confrontation.

As they wait back stage for Endar's turn, Victoria watches Tri's interview with Laheer. The voice that has been talking to her tells her the Fan Vote isn't about getting people to like the contestants. Victoria realizes the show is about creating drama like a reality show. At the last minute, she coaches Endar on how to create a scene and shoves her onstage to ruin Tri's interview, creating enough drama and tension to keep both aliens alive.

Arden scolds her sister for helping "the enemy", and Victoria accuses her sister of losing her humanity.


Victoria is interviewed by Laheer.

When it's her turn, Victoria bases her reality show drama around the idea that she has a crush on Laheer. The crowd eats it up. The announcer surprises her with a video of her sister training to become Earth's protector, and Victoria realizes that Arden was robbed of her childhood; even her birthdays were hardly celebrated. The beauty queen muses that she never thought about how hard it was training to join the Galactic Protectorate.

The episode ends with Victoria joining Arden in the Training Corridor.


  • The interviews are very Hunger Games meets Big Brother, with the charming interviewer and drama.


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