The web-based series Miss 2059 aired it's first episode on the 21st of June in 2016.

Lists of Episodes

Pilot Name Summary Release Date
Miss Earth - Short film

Miss Earth - Short film

"Miss Earth" Victoria Young is thrust into Galactic's depopulation pageant and forced to fight for the survival of our planet. Oct. 17, 2014

Season 1

Season 1 Name Summary Release Date
Episode One "Miss Earth" Welcome to the year 2059: The human race is in peril. Arden, a fierce warrior, has been training to defend the planet in a battle royale tournament. Unfortunately, her beauty queen sister, Victoria, is sent to do the job. Jun. 21, 2016
Beauty vs. The Beast "Beauty vs. The Beast" Let the tournament begin! Victoria, the reigning Miss Earth winner, battles to the death against a terrifying ogre, and she’ll need her beauty pageant talents to survive.
Friend Requests "Friend Requests" To survive the tournament, Victoria must make allies. Unfortunately, the tournament spaceship, populated by violent creatures and creepy critters, is no place for a pageant queen.