Antenna bugs are an insectoid-type alien closely resembling Earth centipedes. They can be used as a quantum communications device, i.e. a cell phone, by placing one in the ear canal.

They are non-poisonous unlike their Earth ancestors.


Closely related to Earth centipedes, antenna bugs have adapted to eat a variety of different material sources. Their ability to thrive in ears suggest they have adapted to feed off the earwax of various alien species.

They have a symbiotic relationship with their host, providing interstellar communication in exchange for security and food.


Unknown, but it is assumed that anything that is a threat to its host is a threat to the antenna bug. It is unknown if this species can survive for long outside of an ear canal.


Antenna bugs are elongated metameric creatures with one pair of legs per body segment. The number of legs vary, but it is assumed to have more than thirty. Each leg is approximately 1" long in full grown adults.

The antenna bug also has two pairs of antennae, one on the head and one on the final segment. The functions of the antennae are unknown.

The lengths to which an antenna bug can grow is unknown, i.e. it is quite possible the insect can grow quite large to fill the ear canal or stop growing at a predetermined biological length.


Victoria Young places an antenna bug in her ear


The only known species is bluish black with red accents on the legs.

Related Creatures

  • Earth Centipedes, ancestors

Powers / Abilities

Antenna bugs are capable of delivering interstellar communications by placing the animal in one's ear. There is no adaption time required on the part of the antenna bug and telecommunications are instantly granted to the host.

The antenna bug may have undiscovered potential.


  • None